Quads Asset Integrity Team (AIM) team is equipped to support your teams' reliability and asset integrity initiatives.

We offer a wide range of technical, engineering, and plant reliability support services with a core focus in Asset Integrity Management for Fixed and Rotating Equipment, Inspection Management, Geotechnical Services, Environment engineering, and specialized NDE.

Innovation At Work

We have in-house experts with combined expertise of 100+ years, giving your team an unparalleled advantage for technical support. We have expert understanding and are forerunners of industry best practices for reliability, asset integrity, and field services support for plant performance optimization Combining robust forward-thinking and cutting-edge technology improves the way people connect with the world. Our success is striking a balance between big ideas and the technical ability to bring them to life.
We provide support to ensure you realize your plant efficiency and productivity goals while creating trust and developing your team’s technical capacity. Our operation-centric approach makes us different. Our core drive is to help optimize your operation and bottom-line. We engage our in-house experts and state-of-the-art technology to support your reliability and asset integrity initiatives going above and beyond in the process.
A Culture Of Inclusion & Diversity
We believe inclusion and diversity are fundamental tenets of a successful business, and we are committed to providing our employees with an environment of unity, acceptance, and respect.
Our commitment to affordable, quality, and cutting-edge turn-key solutions for our customers are our key drivers. We are an employee-owned Canadian indigenous company. Our pride is in our team’s vast competence and flexibility to find the root cause of client issues and provide timely and practical solutions through well-implemented engineering solutions for advanced systems reliability. We operate across Canada and the USA.

Our success could not be possible without our employees' knowledge, creativity, and dedication." We are remarkably efficient!

Cameron Janvier - CEO



Whether new project in pipeline inspection or you want to
improve an existing facility asset integrity program, our range
of services are flexible and tailored to suit your needs. If we
take the job – we will perform beyond expectations using our
expert technicians and specialized professional engineers with
core knowledge in plant reliability and integrity.

  • Embed Experts in your Organization
  • Temporary Staff Augmentation (Short/ Long Term)
  • Coaching & Trainings
  • Pilot Project & Engineering Integrity studies

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